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Lessons from Chapelle

I really enjoyed watching Dave Chapelle on Inside the Actor’s Studio tonight on Bravo.  I really like him, not just because he is one of the funniest people on the planet, but he really seems like a geniunely good person.  There were a few things he said tonight that really hit home with me.  Read More…


Life is confusing (but that’s the fun right?).  I’ve been wrestling a lot lately with the contradictions before me.  On the one hand I feel a drive to constantly influence the world around me, to make an extra phone call, send an extra email, or have an extra meeting in the hopes that somehow I’ll improve things for the better. I also work hard at putting out good intentions, working envisioning the day, week, month year ahead of me that I want. Read More…

A poem…

I was at one time a big writer of poetry.  I’m not going to tell you my poems were earth shattering, nor will I promise you that they are even good, but I can tell you that all of them are accurate snapshots of my mind and my heart at the time they were written.  And that is really why I love reading back through them.  Anyway, I found my old poetry list on my computer (I wrote them in my journal, but kept them all on the computer as well) and found this poem I’m posting now.  Read More…

White with envy…..


There is a major snowstorm in the northeast, and I’m really jealous I’m
missing it. As those who know me well know, I LOVE SNOW (and weather),
and I would be pretty much in heaven right now if I was up in NYC with
my sister. I’ve been watching a lot of the weather channel, reading, and some of my weather blogs to keep
track of this storm. Read More…

A surprise

Well I was expecting the checks, but I certainly wasn’t expecting this:


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Finding your passion…

I have had a few people email me about my last post and ask me how do you find that passion in your life? I don’t really have an answer for that, but I do believe we all come equipped with some incredible tools that guide us, especially our body. By listening to my body, my gut, I have been able to narrow my search down quite a bit. For me when I’m coming up with ideas, brainstorming a new business or technology, my body is filled with energy and excitement. Read More…

An incredible read….

The always though provoking blog by Steve Pavlina had a fantastic article, I’d recommend to everyone today. It’s a long, complex look at finding your purpose, your passion, your
calling in this life time. I know that I’ve heard that so many times
in my life, I wake up expecting to hear it. “Do what you love,
and the money will follow.” I truly believe in that. Logically it
only makes sense, you tend to spend more time on and learn more quickly
about things you love. And usually when you spend more time on and
learn quicker than most people about a certain subject, you already
have created value that other people will want. I’m
not talking about spending 4 years in college in computer science, and
then getting paid in a good job to work with computers. I’m talking
about someone who absolutely LOVES to cook, who would do it just about
anywhere for free, going out and cooking everyday. An example of true passion:

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