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Mom’s key to happiness….

#1. Asking questions

I know the #1 implies I’m building a list, but I haven’t really thought out a list yet. This is just something I was thinking about this morning, during a morning workout (which was my first since my mom passed, and it felt better than I thought). Read More…

Cumberland sunset photo

Ok, so I’m not doing too well with the photo journal, but I’m working
on it. Things have been pretty busy as I’ve been trying to get things
back on track with the business. Anyway, I’ve been going through my
camera and unloading all the pictures on there since I last emptied it
(probably in July). Here is a picture from my August trip to Lake
Cumberland with Julie (my girlfriend) and her family. Enjoy:


Unique Ability

In preparation for the seminar this past weekend I was asked to send out a brief questionaire to a few friends and family. Read More…

The Unique-Edge

I apologize for the disappearance over the last week. I’m really just going with my gut these days, and not forcing myself to do anything I don’t want to. I didn’t feel like writing last week, so I didn’t.

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Photo Journal

Inspired by my sister (it was her idea) I’m going to add a photo
journal to my blog. Basically the idea is to snap one picture a day of
something interesting (not very deep, I know) and then post it up
here. Today I’m going to start with 3 pics taken over the weekend on
my weekend trip to Julie’s parents house in Huron, OH on Lake Erie.
Tom, Julie, and I met up and stayed with Julie’s parents at their newly
built, cozy house. It was a relaxing, brain break, computer free
weekend. Read More…

A dream of mom….

I’m not sure what it is, but it seems that after my mom died a lot of her close friends (and family) started having dreams of her. They would talk about how healthy, happy, and alive she looked in these dreams. And everyone talked about seeing her with that big, big trademark smile on her face (I miss that smile a lot). But the strange thing was that those who were closest to her (my sister, Tom, and I) have not had any dreams of her yet (at least that I know of for the other two). I’m not typical a big dreamer anyway. I know that I have them, but I rarely wake up in the morning with a clear memory of the movies that played in my head while I slept. But last night was different, I saw my mom.

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Who said the internet was antisocial?

Just a quick thought…I was looking at the traffic stats for my blog, and quite frankly I was amazed. I thought no one other than a few family members, a couple friends, and the occassional wanderer visited my website. Read More…